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Simon Willard and his family; his brother George, and his sister Margery, left Horsmonden, Kent, England and immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in1634/35, and were blessed with numerous descendants, including many distinguished clergymen, educators, reformers, entrepreneurs and a host of other respected and honored citizens. A group of their descendants formed the Major Simon Willard Descendants organization in 1908 to perpetuate historical information of our Family; then incorporated under the name "Willard Family Association of America, Inc." in 1958. The organization began as a family association, with a primary interest in collecting, preserving, and disseminating historical and genealogical information concerning descendants of the three immigrant siblings. This purpose has evolved to include an interest in all bearing the Willard surname (regardless of its spelling) and their descendants (which includes descendants of daughters no longer bearing the surname), as well as others interested in researching their family history. This website is to help you find information about the Willard Family Association (WFA), its various activities and genealogical research. The Willard Family Association has a long history of supporting education, and offers up to five scholarships each year to graduating high school seniors. The application is available on our website and scholarships are open to any United States citizen graduating from high school. The Willard Family Association publishes a biannual newsletter, and holds reunions at sites of Willard family interest, in addition to carrying on the original mandate to collect, preserve, and disseminate historical and genealogical information. Here you will find, therefore, an archive of our old newsletters, summaries of our past reunions, and our family trees. Some of the information is held behind a Members-Area private section. We hope what you see here will spark an interest in finding your ancestral roots and it would be our privilege to help you. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join the Willard Family Association. Joining is easy; click on the MEMBERSHIP in the Menu Bar for additional information and application forms.

There is a WFA Facebook page where we share photos, stories from our reunions, and generally chat with one another, along with news items that can't wait for the twice-a-year Newsletter. (It is a "closed" Facebook group, which means anyone can see our group name and who is a member, but only the members can see the postings and photos.) Anybody interested in the Willard Family, not just WFA members, can join this FB group, just click on the "Like us on Facebook" image below.

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